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YM Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a speciallized manufacturer of electro-chemistry instruments. Our main products are PH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meters, ORP meter; pNa meter, salt meter;Many functions tachometer; thermometer, hygrometer; Others: Refractometer, Water pump.pH-Messer,salt meter,PH-mètre,REDOX EC TDS CF – Meter van TOP ,pH-Messer,Appareil de contr?le de PH,salt meter,pH Truncheon Meter Grow System,Calibration Fluids, waterproof pH meters,replacement pH probes,ORP Waterproof Pen Meters, “Nutra Wand” conductivity meters, mini TDS meters such as EC, CF, ppm, ppt, uS/cm, mS/cm testers. pH combined electrodes, skin electrodes, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) electrodes, Conductivity and ORP electrodes. Bearing in our mind that our customers need most reliable instruments, we have always been doing our utmost to supply quality products in our years of history. Most of our products are CE certificated and are sold to all the continents in the world. At the same time, we deal some other laboratory instruments such as lab glassware and accessories. you are invited to visit our web site: