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yancheng city huaou chemical workers

the leading manufacture of sodium chlorite and sodium diacetate in china.

the capacity about 1500MTS yearly.

the product are well sold to Italy; U.K; France; Australia; Jordan.

the product have certificated by ISO.

Sodium chlorite is a kind of latest, efficient bleacher and bactericide. Previously, it is applied to bleach flax, cotton, fibres, textiles etc. Sodium Chlorite has been expanding its using fields with the running raise of people’s concept, especially the further application of the fourth generation disinfectant (ClO2) on medicine and health, food-processing, aquaculture, drinking water disinfection, industry water treatment, dry flower procedure and so on.

Sodium Diacetate is high effective production which is used for antisepsis, antimildew, keep fresh, increase nutritious value, regulate PH value, and flavor. Also widely used in food, fodder, medicine, cosmetics fields and etc.

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