Xceleron Ltd

York Biocentre, Innovation Way
York, YO10 5NY
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1904 561561
Fax: +44 1904 651560


Xceleron is a proven partner to a range of over 100 pharma-biotech businesses, both private and public, adding value through optimisation of Exploratory Clinical Development programmes.

Xceleron is a successful, fast-growing business which is recognised as the global leader in its field, rich in intellectual property and know-how. Operating as a drug development centre of excellence we offer cutting edge analytical solutions that provide insights into our partners’ new medicines.

Xceleron is expert-acknowledged to deliver a range of smart approaches to Exploratory Clinical Studies in Microdosing, Mass Balance, Absolute Bioavailability and Metabolite Profiling. The information we generate enable our partners to exercise informed decisions on new candidate biologics and drugs, faster and more cost-effectively than competing technologies.

1. Human Microdosing – getting early human PK information at Phase 0 in order to select the best drug candidate for development

2. Enhanced Phase I – Enables maximum information from a Phase I setting. Including:

Mass Balance
Metabolite Profiling – getting details on human specific metabolites in a Phase I setting
Absolute Bioavailability – providing the very best way of getting this information in humans, quicker and more cost effectively than is currently the case
IV pharmacokinetics
Our website www.xceleron.com gives further information on these topics and more.