WorldCare Clinical, LLC

7 Bulfinch Pl / P.O. Box 8908
Boston, 02114
United States of America, Massachusetts
Toll free: 888 – 816 – 4721

Phone: (617) 583-1601
Fax: (513) 352-9565


WorldCare Clinical (WCC) is a leading imaging CRO for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. With a sixteen year heritage specializing in imaging and led by the world’s foremost radiologists, WCC has processed more than 1 million images and enrolled 4,000 sites in over 50 countries. Combining extensive medical, operational and image management expertise, WCC offers support for every facet of an imaging clinical trial. From complete trial management and archiving to select services, such as study design, Imaging Charter development and the creation of an imaging library, WCC works with sponsors to meet any combination of clinical imaging needs.