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SKYRUN is one of the leading groups in Jiangsu Province.With a large number of professional salesmen,a worldwide sales network and some famous brands of commodities,the Group enjoys high prestige in the international market.
In the year 2000,the total import and export volume of the group is USD673 million,in which USD553 million is for export,ranking at the 31st among China’s 200 strongest exporters and the first in Jiangsu Province.In 2001,its total import and export volume reaches USD769 million,still ranking at the first in Jiangsu Province.

We are mainly engaged in research and development of food additives and chemical intermediates, which we have supplied to all over the world, such as: Vegetable protein, salt gluconate, carnitine, folic acid, saccharide and intermediates of glimepiride, carbamazepine, citalopram, enalapril maleate etc.
And we will try our best to make our consumers lead better lives, customers succeed, stockholders prosper, employees achieves achieve and communities thrive.
You are always welcome to visit our R&D center and factory and our office.

We enjoys high reputations in the international market because of its high quality products. After entering the European and America market, its customers from south east Asia, south America and north Africa increased daily in recent years and export to Japan and south Korea also went up remarkably.
The company has held product exhibition fairs respectively in France, Germany, Holland, Singapore and Hong Kong and thus enhanced its influence in the world.

Skyrun International Group
Sunshine Chemical Corporation
(China Export Base Development Jiangsu Corporation)
ADD: 17/F, Jiangsu Int’l Business Mansion, 50 Zhonghua Road,Nanjing,China