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Welcome to Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH
The focus of SINUS Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH products has always been biochemistry, life sciences and bioseparation, i.e. separation of biomolecules by electrophoretic techniques.

SINUS is known for its range of antibiotics,vitamines, buffers, dyes, enzymes, media, detergens, pharmaceutical auxiliaries and many other high-quality reagents from A to Z.

In a leading position in electrophoresis, particularly in isoelectric focusing.SINUS is a producer of special reagents (SinuLyte carrier ampholytes, SinuTab enzyme tablets and GelGrip films). We at SINUS pledge to continue providing quality products at a fair price, delivered with personalized, responsive service, and supported by years of technical know-how.

Our main products are several ampholytes called SinuLyts:
SinuLyt´s are special carrier ampholytes that form a pH gradient in a Polyacrylamid Gel in an applied electrical field in order to separate proteins at their isoelectric points. This technique is a coming up method in the laboratories of seed industry, protein research, protein production and quality control of pharmaceutical products.

Ready-to-use tablets for the staining of enzymes especially developed to determine isoenzymes for assaying the purity of hybrids and varieties. No more awkward and time consuming weighing out of substrate components.

DiluPorc™ LongTerm is a swine semen extender that Sinus Biochemistry & Electrophoresis GmbH started to produce 2 years ago. This product has been developed by combining high-purity chemicals with a special protein mix, saccharides and phospholipids, which are natural components of swine sperm serum.

The major focus of our work was to replace the widely used bovine serum albumin (BSA) with a superior product that is not isolated from bovine blood.

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