Sino-Hero(Shenzhen) Bio-Medical Electronics Co.,LTD.

F/14E B Building Sida Mansion, Nanhai Road, Nansha

Phone: 86-755- 33319640
Fax: 86-75526420566


Sino-Hero(Shenzhen) Bio-Medical Electronies Co., Ltd., founded in 2003 and is located in Shenzhen, China, is the leading trader for medical devices in China. SINO-HERO are supporting by big quantity of manufactureries which manufacture the medical equipment and accessories.The company’s business activities focus on bellow product lines:

1)Accessories for Patient Monitor: Reusable Spo2 Sensor&Ext-Cable, ECG cable,EKG cable,

NIBP cuff, Air-hose,Temp probe

2) ECG product: Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, ECG machine.

3)Disposable product: Disposable ESU Pencil,Disposable Spo2 sensor,Disposable Electrodes,

Disposable plate, Cleaning paper for electrosurgery
4) Obstetrical product: Fetal Doppler

5) Emergency Product: Emergency Stretcher; Folding Stretcher; Telescope Folding Stretcher; Scoop Stretcher; Stair stretcher; Emergency Bag; Neck Holder.