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Shenzhen Lvshiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd focuses on developing the most advanced animal disease diagnostic kit, food safety test kit, environmental monitoring reagent, small molecular antigen, antibody, biochemistry product, etc. The company developes and manufactures Semicarbazide (SEM) ELISA Test Kit, Aminohydantion (AHD) ELISA Test Kit, Florfenicol ELISA Test Kit firstly in the world, and many high-tech biological products are widely used in domestic-foreign government, enterprise, scientific research institution, etc. With the first-class internationalization idea of enterprise management, the abundant research-development strength, the standardized production criterion, the perfect sales network, the complete system of technical service and the broad domestic-foreign cooperation network to serve the whole world, to promote biological preparation in worldwide industrialization, take ”building up green world, depends on you and me” as the goal, insist that “Biotechnology service humanity” as management ideal, provide the leading biological technology product and the perfect technical service for the customers.

Our food safety test kits include Sulfonamides residues (Five) ELISA Test Kit, Semicarbazide (SEM) ELISA Test Kit, Florfenicol ELISA test kit; Benzyl penicillin (Bp) ELISA Test Kit; Ractopamine ELISA Test Kit; Enrofloxacin ELISA Test Kit; AOZ ELISA Test Kit;AMOZ ELISA Test Kit;Clenbuterol ELISA Test Kit, etc.
And some special Animal disease ELISA kits: STLV antibody ELISA kit; Dog Rabies Virus antiboday ELISA kit; Simian B virus antibody ELISA kit; Monkey Tuberculous antibody ELISA kit; Monkey Rabies Virus antiboday ELISA kit; Malaria antibody ELISA kit; Rabies virus antibody ELISA kit; Canine distemper virus(CDV) Antibody ELISA kit; Canine Virus Enteritis Antiboday ELISA kit,etc.