Shanghai Marble Drive Equipment Co., Ltd

No 801-803
Fengxian, Shanghai 201400

Phone: 00862157412730
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Shanghai Marble Drive Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in Gearbox and Motor of power transmission field.
Its factory is one of the largest of its kind in field of gearbox and reducer. It attaches importance to the management, marketing and the training of technical personnel. Among total of 1260 employees, 10% are technical specialists with high caliber, which lead to strong development capability for new products. Computer affiliated methods such as CAD/CAP/PDM are well implemented.

Main Equipment:
In our factory, 50000 square meters building of plant and 500 sets machining and testing equipments are available. We have a 3000 square meters workshop which armed with variety of international advanced high efficiency and high precision state-of-art numeral controlled gear grinding machine and automatic testing center. Equipment facility of 3rd class of installation and commissioning, insure the gear precision to be class 5 and 6 when batch production. CNC machine imported from Japan, together with 3-coordinates testing center, promises gear housings with high quality regarding the precision of dimension, contour and position as well as machining surface.