SDT (Stereospecific Detection Technologies) GbR

Arnold-Sommerfeld-Ring 2
Baesweiler 52499

Phone: 02401 60 68 70
Fax: 02401 60 85 34


A sole manufacturer and bulk OEM supplier of the enhanced PolyHRP conjugates for ultrasensitive detection in ELISA, blotting, 3D-ImmunoFiltration and IHC applications (e.g. universal Streptavidin-PolyHRP20, 40, and 80; secondary
Protein A-, Protein A/G-, Goat anti-Mouse and Goat anti-Rabbit IgG -PolyHRP40, etc). NSB-eliminating diluents, blockers, dedicated PolyHRP conjugate stabilizers and TMB substrates comprise auxiliary, supporting PolyHRP product line and at the same time are high quality miscellaneous IVD product widely applicable apart of PolyHRP conjugates. The company also runs custom PolyHRP conjugations, contractual assay development and offers diverse IVD consulting services.

Novel PolyHRP stabilizers of RHT (Real time High Temperature) series have been launched in 2005. These
products featrure 100% synthetic formula containing no animal, plant or microbial proteins nor other organic substances of the natural origin. PolyHRP conjugates diluted in RHT Stabilizers down to the lower 100-40 ng/ml working strength concentrations will mantain their detecting activity longer than 6-8 weeks at 37°C.

Other newer products are the enhanced soluble and precipitating TMB substrates giving on the average 30% larger singals by the same clean backgrounds compared with older substrates sTMB and pTMB.