Sapcon Level Instruments

131, Palshikar Colony
Indore 452004

Phone: 91-731-4085751


Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of level measurement instruments for industrial and especially biotechnology markets. The company was established in 1983 and since then has been offering process control instruments including level sensors, switches, indicators and transmitters and speed monitoring systems.These instruments have been successfuly used for controlling processes.

The Sapcon product range includes the following level and speed related products.

Water Level Sensor – A solution for levl measurement based on the conductivity principle which measures the water or liquid level dusring processes.This is one of the better soutions as compared to traditionally used float switches for automatic pump logic and control.
Level Transmitter – A microcontroller based capacitance level transmitter that continuously monitors the level of liquids and even solid material. The MPILC is one such instrument from the family of continuous level sensors and switches.
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter – A high end con contact type level sensor that uses microwaves for adjudging the reagent level in a hopper.
Fuel Level Sensor – A capacitance based 3 wire solution for measuring level of oil, petrol and other fuels. This fuel level insdicator is compact and can be installed in constricted places.
Liquid Level Sensor instruments for measuring liquid level in any kind ofprocess plant. These solutions are suitable for acute environment and high temperature and pressure conditions.
The company focuses and invests heavily in research and development work and comes out with level relates solutions that are highly advanced and sophisticated. With distributors in 13 countries and customers in about 40 countries, Sapcon Instruments is a preferred level sensor and indicator instrument supplier for Biotech labs and pharma companies.