Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc

101 Convention Center Drive #310
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States of America, Nevada
Toll free: 702-735-7001

Phone: 702-735-7001
Fax: 702-737-7016
Stock symbol: AMEX: LIV


Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical company, focused on commercializing innovative therapeutic products to relieve the suffering of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Samaritan partnered its “oral” entry inhibitor HIV drug SP-01A, with Pharmaplaz, Ireland, and is evaluating the use of Caprospinol, (SP-233) for Alzheimer’s disease patients, SP-1000 for the use of acute coronary disease patients, and the use of SP-30 as an “oral treatment” for Hepatitis C patients.

In addition, Samaritan has acquired the marketing and sales rights to sell 11 revenue-generating products in Greece and/or various Eastern European countries. Samaritan has entered into strategic collaborative relationships with other pharmaceutical companies to commercialize branded, approved prescription products in selected niche territories, such as, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Egypt, FYROM, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria and Turkey. We use our expertise to register approved drugs in the country where we have acquired the licensed rights. With appropriate regulatory approval, we then distribute, market and sell these products.

Currently, we have in-licensed the rights to sell 11 drugs: Amphocil® from Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals; Elaprase® and Replagal® from Shire Pharmaceuticals; Infasurf® from Ony, Inc.; and Mepivamol®, Methadone HCL®, Morphine Sulphate®, Naloxone Molteni®, Naltrexone HCL®, and Oramorph® from Molteni Farmaceutici and Rapydan® from EUSA. Our efforts focus on specialty physicians in private practice or at hospitals and major medical centers in our territories.

Our business model is entirely focused on achieving growth and maximizing value for the benefit of our investors.

“Transforming Today’s Science Into Tomorrow’s Cures”