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We are one among leading processors & exporters of senna leaves, botanical raw herbs, herbal extracts, herbal teas, herbal powders, aromatics, spices, gums, soil conditioner, natural fertilizers, general items, branded consumer items etc.

During 1991 we established our Firm M/s.R.S.V.Nadar & Co, at Tuticorin which is a south Indian major Port and the senna leaves cultivations are mainly found in and around of the Tuticorin District.

Within a short period we made revolutionary development in processing of senna leaves and senna pods. Now we can process senna prime grades 10 M.Tons daily, by means of which we feed all our buyers of senna leaves in Europe, USA and China.

We can make magic in senna processing i.e., in whole form in tea bag cut form, in powder form without pesticides, with lesser aflotoxin, with more content of sennosides etc. Similarly we can do in senna stems also as we are having all modern machineries under one roof. So we can supply whatever grades and in whatever forms according to our customers taste.

Besides Cochin and Tuticorin we are having our own processing unit in Anjar (Gujarat) and our procurement network in Sojat city (Rajasthan) where also senna leaves are being cultivated in large.

Similarly we can supply other botanical herbs such as Gymnema Sylvestries leaves, Garcinia cambogia, Morinda citrifolia, Salasia Reticulata, Gotu Kola ( Hydrocotyle Asiatica herb), Papaya leaves, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus leaves, Passiflora herb, etc., in whole or crushed or in tea bag cut or in powder forms.

We can also supply all kinds of spices such as black pepper, chillies, cardomom, dry ginger, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, dill seeds, turmeric, tamarind etc., etc., in whole or in ground forms.

We can also supply sterilised powders of all kinds of medicinal plants to make capsule or tablets.

We can supply Agro Food grains such as rice, millet, corn, maize etc for food & poultry feed, as a regular basis. If you please let us know about your requirements, we shall offer you our lowest prices along with supply schedule.

To have good business relationship with us all Importers with our products can contact us as we are very flexible and friendly manner.

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