RealGene BioTechnology Inc.

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Gene Synthesis, Sequencing, Oligo Synthesis, SiRNA, etc., with the best quality, fast turnaround and low cost.

I. About our company and our services:We, Shanghai RealGene Bio-Tech, Inc., are a China-based bio-tech company providing quality bio-tech services and products to our customers. With the competitive edge of China in labor and resources, our business expands very fast in these recent years to Europe and America. With a manufacturing base here, we can provide our customers all over the world with the best quality products of competitive price in a fast turnover time.
II. Generally, we provide the following products and services:
1) Services:
a. Gene synthesis, our price can be as low as $ 0.9/base pair;
b. Peptide synthesis, we can give you the most competitive prices;
c. Others including SiRNA, oligo synthesis, sequencing, Mol Biol projects, etc.;
2) Reagents, including Pfu enzyme, Hotstart Taq polymerase, dNTP, etc.
3) Labwares, including vials (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml), equipments, etc.
You may please visit our products on our website at: for the specific information about the prices.