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ReachBio provides specialized contract research, assays, cell products, educational and consulting services to life science organizations worldwide. Our focus is on harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical and industrial stem cell and progenitor cell biology for the benefit of our clients.

We offer a variety of standardized contract services based on functional in vitro and in vivo cell biology assays for bone marrow modulation, drug toxicity testing and mechanistic evaluation.

ReachBio’s cell-based products include pre-qualifed human bone marrow mononuclear cells, mesenchymal cells, disease-specific cells and pure murine ES derived cardiomyocytes and related products. These cells can be used for drug discovery, toxicity screening of drug compounds as well as research studies.

We also offer assay design services that can be specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements. While most of our assays are performed in our own laboratory, we also offer flexible on-site research services upon request.

Let ReachBio help you exceed your grasp.