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Cliemat is an enterprise laboratory information management system (LIMS) that manages complex workflow and specific data requirements of any kind of laboratory. Cliemat is developed after years of independent research and upon hearing feedback of existing LIMS products. The core team behind Cliemat includes lab managers, professional programmers, and support staff with the goal of creating and bringing to market the best LIMS at an affordable price point.Design Criteria required an intuitive user-friendly interface for the powerful feature sets being offered. It is the greatest value for the cost, more powerful and much easier to use.Cliemat is available in different versions to meet various customer needs.

RHOMBUS :- Electronic Document Management System

Pharma and Biotech industry is very resource intensive requiring multi-disciplinary teams (scientists, administrators, managers and lab personnel) working in coordination, on design and delivery of thousands of potential pharmaceuticals,biotechnology,bioscience products. To achieve regulatory compliance and accelerate time to market of new products, effective content/document management is required.
ROHMBUS facilitates the authoring -> review -> approval -> distribution -> consumption and collaboration cycle of the documentation that accompanies drug,product development.

ROHMBUS facilitates companies to effectively manage its intellectual capital.

ROHMBUS addresses the issue of bringing together the knowledge bases of individual pharma or biotech companies who are involved in a merger/acquisition.