Quansys Biosciences

365 North 600 West
United States of America, Utah
Toll free: 1-888-QUANSYS

Phone: (435) 750-0959
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Quansys Biosciences, a subsidiary of the Spendlove Medical Research Institute, is dedicated to the development of highly sensitive and robust multiplexed ELISAs. Our Q-Plex™ Arrays are used for multiplex analysis of biomarkers important for the study of diseases and immune system regulation. Each Q-Plex Array is a highly sensitive multiplexed ELISA which enables the simultaneous detection and quantification of many different markers in a single sample using small volumes (5 to 30 µl) of precious sample in 2.5 hours. Q-Plex Arrays can currently yield up to 1536 data points in a 96 well plate – each point is a miniaturized sandwich ELISA. Precise spotting of capture antibodies is quality assured via patent-pending deposition techniques. The signal is captured with an imaging system and analyzed using our image analysis software.