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ACTIVITYProtNeteomix manufactures customized miniaturized arrays (proteins, peptides, antibodies, small molecules), and provides corresponding services for public laboratories and biopharmaceutical industry. ProtNeteomix develops cost-efficient applications for diagnostics & prognostics and drug discovery & development programs. MISSIONProtNeteomix can provide faster and cheaper solutions based on innovative miniaturized and highly sensitive proprietary tools for obtaining valuable information about target proteins, and generating effective drugs to combat human diseases. We have developed a small molecule microarray method based on non-covalent immobilization of chemical compounds on a novel support, and using near-infrared fluorescence to detect bound molecules in microspots.

We have also developed diverse microarrays of antibodies and proteins/peptides, and have successfully demonstrated their usefulness in various biomedical applications: (i) evaluation of IgG-immune response in serum of AIDS patients before and after HAART; (ii) assessment of IgE-immune response to milk allergens in children; (iii) protein profiling in cancer cells and biopsies (breast, liver, ovary); (iv) protein phosphorylation in breast cancer cells treated with resveratrol and protein kinase inhibitors, etc.

PRODUCTS & SERVICESø MAGYarray for profiling of human and animal proteins (cell cycle, cell signaling and cytoskeleton).ø Customized protein, peptide, antibody, and small molecule arrays.ø Protein expression and phosphorylation in biological fluids and biopsies.ø Screening of chemical compound libraries.ø Software: searching for strong promoters in bacterial genomes.