ProSeq, Inc.

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Boxford, MA, 01921 USA
United States of America, Massachusetts

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ProSeq provides professional high sensitivity protein sequence analysis worldwide.
ProSeq has unique sequencing chemistry designed for sequencing proteins immobilized on high density (0.1-0.2 micron) PVDF membranes used in SDS-PAGE and electrophoresis. We are able to see N-terminal signals down to the few hundred femtomole level which makes it practical to obtain amino acid sequence data from a few picomoles of protein . Samples that are visible to Coomassie Brilliant Blue stain (sub-microgram quantity) on PVDF are our normal fare. Since we specialize solely on obtaining high quality sequence information, we are able to accomodate a quick turn arround time of usually less than a week from receipt of samples. Complete chromatographical data is faxed to you immediately upon completion of analysis. I have been involved with state of the art sequence analysis for over thirty years and have been providing this specialized service to universities and industry for the last five years. Our pricing is among the lowest in the industry and we give your samples the personalized attention that they will not get from larger institutions. Protein sequence analysis is the best method for characterizing and identifying known and unknown proteins.We will obtain pertinent sequence information to satisfy your interrest and budget. Our basic fee is $475 for 10 cycles (amino acids) of N-terminal analysis. You can obtain more information concerning this technology at our web