Proactive Metabolics Co.

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Pembroke Pines, 33026
United States of America, Florida
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Proactive Metabolics operates in the field of personalized, proactive therapeutic intervention. Its patented platform technology combines real time glucose bioavailability with a personalized metabolic profile of the patient, yielding proactive metabolic advice, which results in better control. We expect this technology to play a major role in Ubiquitous Health. The first application accounts for food intake in diabetes and weight loss in three dimensions (glucose from food, the person’s body, and time, instead of just calories): the result is the ability to manage the effects of food, medication and physical activity on blood glucose, a major factor in weight management, and the diabetic’s most important concern. The company also sells two superior software packages, one for metabolic management, (diabetes management), and one for general wellness, (heart – Framingham Heart Study).