Bizkaia Technology Park, Building 801-A, First Flo
Derio – Bizkaia

Phone: +34 94 431 70 37
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Pharmakine S.L. is a biotechnology company that designs, develops and commercializes products and technologies for preclinical and clinical research in cancer and metastasis worldwide.

Our expertise and know-how in the molecular physiopathology of the metastatic cancer microenvironment enable us to develop innovative high-quality products and a wide range of analytical customized services of interest to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, oncologists and researchers focusing on the study of cancer during progression, angiogenesis and metastasis. Pharmakine is organized into six business units, Preclinical Evaluation, Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Histology, Cellular Production and New Clinical Applications Units, each offering their own specific portfolio of products and personalized services.

Each specialized unit is closely interrelated, sharing technology platforms and combining their research capabilities and expertise for the discovery of new molecular biomarkers and preclinical development of novel anti-metastatic compounds. These efforts will contribute to an improvement in early metastatic cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic development. Our driving force is to offer high quality and competitive bioassays and products in compliance with good laboratory practice (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations.

Finally, we are open to establish partnerships through collaborative research that lead to the enforcement of our business development.