pab productions

Bgm. Herzog Str. 5
D-85241 Hebertshausen

Phone: +49-8131-20709
Fax: +49-8131-20709


Pab productions produces polyclonal antibodies in rabbits and chicken. Using the yielded sera and yolks – mainly affinity purified – immunological test systems, p.e. ELISA, are developed according to the requirements of market and customers.
Addtionally pab productions has developed an innovative product line based on renewable resources (commercially available):
-microtiterplates from polylactic acid (PLA) with
advantages compared to polystyrene:
low backgrond and variation
standard curve range: 5ng- 10 µg
optimized surface even for hydrophilic molecules

-innovative immunostick-cuvette-system for ELISA (adhesive
and covalent binding) from polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB)
one well ELISA “on the spot”
no sample preparation

-adjuvant for immunstimulation from PHB
no necrosis
direct binding to the antigen