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OTAVA, Ltd. offers unique Receptor-Based Target-Focused libraries. These libraries are created from an extensive compound stock collection (490,000 compounds) and a rigorous process of refinement that involves harnessing the most current methods of theoretical medicinal chemistry.
All of the Receptor-Based Target-Focused libraries of compounds are available in-house, and come with docking scores and values for drug-like properties.
Using Sharp Focusing approach, we could focus our combined 490,000-compound stock collection on your specific target(s), on an exclusive basis.
Our company can also create an exclusive receptor-based target-focused library based on your own collection of compounds!

Contract research is one of the main activities of OTAVA.
Our company helps companies around the world to advance their projects by synthesizing:
– starting materials, intermediates, and/or final products
– advanced intermediates in drug synthesis
– combinatorial chemistry templates and building blocks
We also offer custom synthesis on the basis of our rare scaffolds.

Our In-house Stock Collection contains more than 90,000 compounds and ALL compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures. All compounds are for prompt delivery.

About 22,000 compounds are available from our Synthesis-on-request database. This is a unique opportunity to enrich your company’s collection of compounds for screening purposes or to order new building blocks not available from other suppliers.

Our company offers about 40,000 Building Blocks in multi-gram quantities and purity higher than 95%. These diverse compounds could be used for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development.

Our compounds can now be found in the eMolecules online substructure searchable database at http://otava.emolecules.com

OTAVA has its North American Division in Toronto, Canada
E-mail: north.america@otavachemicals.com