Nivon Pharma (India)Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc.

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United States of America, Michigan
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The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi) is a privately held company. NECi developes and manufactures enzyme-based technologies for environmental applications. Current company focus is on nitrate detection.

NECi’s products and services include:
Native and recombinant Nitrate Reductase forms designed for specific applications.
Nitrate test kits for biomedical research, plant physiology, environmental samples and water analysis.
Nitrate test kits for agriculture, including a new line of field-useable test kits.
Test kit for detection of nitrate reductase activity.
Custom Protein expression services of nonmedical proteins, using the yeast Pichia pastoris system.

NECi’s R&D focuses on protein expression and enzyme electrochemistry. Specific projects include:
A) Enzymatic Nitrate Elimination Technology (EzNET(Tm)) – a system to eliminate nitrate from drinking water via enzymatic reduction to nitrogen gas. This system is electrically driven and eliminates nitrate with no residuals added to the water.

B)Nitrate Biosensors based on nitrate reductase which are electronic devices where a current is detected when nitrate reductase encounters nitrate in water.

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