Nisco Engineering AG

Dufourstr. 110
Zürich, CH-8093, Switzerland

Phone: +41/44/380 06 30
Fax: +41/44/380 06 31


Nisco Engineering AG offers and delivers Engineering, Development, Services and spare parts for all pharma- and biotechnological equipment and plants.
Besides these, NISCO has proprietary equipments in the field of microencapsulation.

The NISCO encapsulation / immobilisation systems have potential applications in the field of:

drugs (slow release medication)
plant cells (artificial seeds)
enzymes and catalysators
flavour and fragnances (slow perception)
animal cells and microorganisms, and more…

The modular design approach of the systems allows customer specific configurations based on a choice of available standard process equipment and components. The installations, which meet today’s cGMP- and FDA-requirements, are delivered with sterility guaranteed.