Ningbo Shuangwei Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

No.8 Zhuquan Road, Science and Technology Industri

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Ningbo Shuangwei Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. The factory occupied more than 34,000.m2. There ars three GMP workshops including common, penicillin, cephalosporin workshop and three worklines including capsule, tablet and granule in each workshop.
Yearly produce capability:
Common workshop: (1) capsules: 1 billions , (2)tablets: 1 billions (3)granule: 0.6 billions.
Penicillin workshop: (1) capsules: 0.6 billions , (2)tablets: 0.6 billions (3)granule: 0.6 billions.
Cephalosporin workshop: (1) capsules: 0.6 billions, (2)tablets: 0.6 billions (3)granule: 0.6 billions.