New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd

PO Box 1869
Palmerston North, 4440
New Zealand

Phone: (64) 6 952 3800
Fax: (64) 6 952 3801


NZP produces pure natural biochemicals, especially the steroids, cholic acid and deoxycholic acid, the tauro and glyco- conjugates of the bile acids, peptones, heparin, proteins, actinidin, amino acids, a range of plant-derived products and inositols to a standard suitable for botanical drugs. NZP’s products are manufactured to customer requirements. NZP holds EDQM Certificates, Drug Master Files, a Medicines Licence and a biological products processing Licence. New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures grams to tonnes of all of its products and is now developing cGMP carbohydrate glycotherapeutic, glycolipid and glycoprotein intermediates and APIs. Included in the product range is an N-acetylmannosamine and sialic acid-based portfolio for flu drugs, cell surface engineering and other uses. Also prominent are the azasugars and iminosugars that are being developed as enzyme inhibitors. Through our strategic alliance with GlycoSyn, a business unit of Industrial Research Ltd, we can offer contract Discovery, Process Development and cGMP multi-step manufacture of small molecules for pre-clinical and clinical trials and on to large scale. NZP is ranked in New Zealand’s Top 500 companies and exports over 95% of its products.