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NEURONAX is an emergent biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and discovery of new drugs for the treatment of traumatic and degenerative diseases of the nervous system such as spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, as well as other affections where regeneration or repair of the nervous system is searching for and where medical services available are still inadequate. Thus, the company is building a portfolio of products at different stage of developement among which NX210, a patented peptide derived from a naturally secreted protein implicated during the development of the central nervous system, and able to act on survival, plasticity and/or differentiation of nervous cells, is currently in pre-IND phase.

NEURONAX specificity is to have a complete set of technologies from discovery to drug development for neurological disorders. Then, the company has developed an original research platform CellSnapTM combining various biological models of nervous cells (in vitro) associated with animal models (in vivo), for the screening of potential therapeutic molecules, identification of targets and characterization of the functional activity of new therapeutic pathways.

More recently, expertise of NEURONAX was expanded with an extension of its interest in regenerative medicine, which is also a way to repair disorders of several conditions including neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, through academic and private collaborations, we have developed proprietary clinical grade protocols to expand adult stem cells and are working on its potential of differentiation.