Mossman Associates Inc

9 Village Circle
United States of America, Massachusetts

Phone: 508-488-6169
Fax: 508-418-1397


Mossman Associates is a distributor of Medical Diagnostics, Equipment, Molecular Biology Reagents and Contract Services. Diagnostics include:
MycoDot™ is a serological assay, which detects TB antibodies in serum of those patients with active TB. The test procedure, uses a blood, plasma, or serum, takes only 20 minutes to perform and requires no special equipment.
NicCheckTM is an FDA approved dipstick test for measuring nicotine and nicotine metabolites in urine. The test is CLIA waived because of its simplicity and takes only 15 minutes.

Drug of Abuse Rapid Tests -various combinations have FDA approvaland CE Mark
Molecular Biology Reagents includes: Antibodies, Serum Panels, Urine Pools, Colloidal Gold and Fluorescently Labeled Reagents.
Contract Services include: Tradeshow Management, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Drug Of Abuse Testing.