MONTEGEN – A Bureau for Biotechnology

Via G. Dezza n. 24
Milan 20144

Phone: +39 0248007301
Fax: +39 0248005995


Company Description: MONTEGEN is a private agile enterprise that provides integrated business solutions in the biotech industry sector, (i) by offering technical consultation in the proteomics arena (elucidation of the covalent structure of peptides and proteins: purification, primary structures, post-translational modifications, structure – function relationships, protein folding and factors affecting misfolding; phylogenomics; phyloproteomics at the TePSO department), (ii) by providing practical support for business development, business investigations, market research, product development and commercialization, technology scouting.
With reference to the increasingly intimate contact between science and business, MONTEGEN offers also a valid support to scientists and academic institutions for the commercialization of valuable technologies (still at an embryonic level), facilitating the connection among concept idea, development, production and marketing.
MONTEGEN is also involved in a project to support and foster the education of researchers in the techniques of protein biochemistry, protein structure analysis, and proteomics.
MONTEGEN has offices in Italy (Milan , Turin) and in U.S.A. (Tallahassee, FL).