MIR Preclinical Services

800 Technology Drive
Ann Arbor 48108
United States of America, Michigan

Phone: (734) 821-1063
Fax: (734) 821-1066


MIR Preclinical Services (MIR) is a contract research organization (CRO) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. MIR specializes in the preclinical assessments and evaluation of novel anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents. The company’s senior leadership has over 100 years of drug discovery experience utilizing xenograft, orthotopic and transgenic animal models. MIR offers additional services such as preclinical efficacy testing, non-invasive imaging, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, in vitro testing and consulting.

MIR employs a wide array of novel imaging technologies including preclinical MRI, CT (µCT), high resolution PET (µPET), bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging to measure response to therapy at anatomical, functional, and molecular levels. We can measure biological processes, such as signal transduction, angiogenesis, apoptosis (proteases), DNA damage, and other biologically relevant processes important in animal models of human disease. MIR also performs basic research to develop these technologies and actively seeks collaborations to further imaging in the field of drug discovery.