MD Biosciences, Div. of Morwell Diagnostics GmbH

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8132 Egg b. Zurich

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MD Biosciences (MDB) has assembled a specialized range of products and services to facilitate drug discovery for inflammatory diseases.
Today, MD Biosciences provides several novel models in the area of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as well as Multiple sclerosis. The in-depth expertise in these disease models has been applied to designing protocols to assess the efficacy and required dosage of novel compounds. We have experience with both small chemical entities as well as in handling and administering biologicals. MD Biosciences is applying its expertise in other inflammatory diseases as well. IBD, asthma, Crohn’s Disease are areas where the MDB expertise is being applied. Contracted studies are designed and reviewed by MDB’s panel of internationally recognized experts and performed at one of MDB’s specialized laboratories located in St. Paul, MN (USA), Glasgow (Scotland) or in Israel . We provide a ready team of experts to tackle problems and provide solutions.

MD Biosciences recognizes that some companies may prefer doing research in-house. Many of the products and proprietary reagents used in our research are also available for purchase by all laboratories, regardless of whether MDB is contracted as a research organization. Our customers can optimize their own research process by selecting steps to be performed by MDB and research to be performed in-house. Ultimately, this option and flexibility serves to reach the customer’s goals faster.

We look forward to learning your objectives and to making proposals of how we can help you achieve your breakthroughs!