Magene Life Sciences

1st Floor, Akash Ganga, Plot 144, Srinagar Colony,
Hyderabad 500 073

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Magene Life Sciences is a Biotechnology Company located in the Genome Valley, near Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a Contract Research Organisation, which provides services to improve the drug development programs by reducing the costs and accelerating the pace of pharmaceutical R&D. With our multidisciplinary approach, we provide solutions ranging from biotherapeutic process development to in vitro screening methods. Keeping in mind, people’s well – being and improvement of the quality of their life, we are constantly engaged in making our expertise available to our customers as a service. The quality of our services has been certified by ISO and accredited by NABL(ISO/IEC 17025). Magene endeavors to maintain the trust and confidentiality of our customers by providing quality service. Our Range of Services includes A) Invitro Assays to screen putative drug candidates 1. Radio (receptor) Binding Assays: have validated assays for 5HT6 & CBI assays as targets. The other receptors like VR1, VR2, CB2, 5HT2A, 2C,3,5,7 etc can be delivered within 3-4 months from the date of conformation. 2. Supply of validated receptor membrane preparation. Each lot of membrane preparations would be supplied along with validated data, which includes B max, Kd & Ki values. 3. Permeability Assays: Validated Caco2 & MDCK cell lines. 4. Mutagenicity Assays: AMES test; karyotyping and chromosomal analysis 5. Cytotoxicity Assays: Validated MTT Assays. 6. Functional Assays like Cyp P 450 etc 7. Bio Assays : Develop & Validate Bio Assays as per the compendia requirements. 8. Specific / Exclusive Assays : We can develop any specific assays, to be used, exclusively for screening your compounds. B) Batch Release Assays for Biotherapeutics 1. Residual DNA 2. Residual Protein C) Bio Similars 1. Cloning of genes of therapeutic value, in various expression systems: E. coli,Yeast or Mammalian host. 2. Process optimization and scale up of heterologous protein expression: E. coli, Yeast, Mammalian cells. 3. Downstream processing. 4. Protein purification and characterization of the protein. D) Biotransformation : Process optimization and scale up from Shake flask level to 1000 L fermentor scale. E) Contract Manufacturing (Fermentation)