LIONEX Diagnostics & Therapeutics GmbH

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Lionex is a growing biotech company dedicated to modern biomedicine for human health. Lionex is developing protein-focused technologies to enable the accelerated identification, development and production of new and improved products (diagnostics, drugs and vaccines) for combating major diseases, e.g. tuberculosis/HIV, heart diseases and cancer. Products: -Development of specific and rapid Tuberculosis diagnostic kits.
-Several serological kits (IgG,-A and -M) for Tuberculosis diagnosis have been developed showing high sensitivities and specifcities for pulmonary and extra-pulmonary TB.

LIONEX TB-ST+2, a second generation TB rapid tests for use with serum and blood has been launched. It provids results in 15 minutes and shows high specificity (99%) and high sensitivity (65%), specially in smear negative active TB.

-LIONEX continues to increase its panel of high quality mycobacterial antigens. The recombinant antigens are being used to develop test for sero-diagnosis of TB. Special attention is being given to cost-effective and rapid tests.

-In addition, based on proprietary methods rapid molecular tests have been developed for differentiating tuberculous bacteria from the nontuberculous ones.

-A rapid 3 hour test for differentiating M. tuberculosis from M. bovis has been developed.

Cancer: Lx-Bladder a cancer therapeutic is entering clincial trial inn humans.

Contract manufacturing: Large quantities of recombinant antigens, DNA, LAM