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We are pleased to introduce as a leading manufacturers of FULLY AUTOMATIC HOT-RUNNER SYSTEM. We are an organization of young technical person’s having good relation with all major and small industries situated in Mumbai-INDIA region. Our firm M/s LIBESH ENGINEERING WORKS serving the industry since last 8 Years in Mould manufacturing & 5 Years in Hot- Runner. In this short period we have been able to generate good market reputation through our Hot- Runner product with good quality competitive price, and effective service. Our Hot- Runner system is useful in Pet, Polystyrene, P.P., H.D., L.D.P.C, and A.B.S (Widely applied to all kinds of Household / Engineering plastics and large products). We also supplied the Hot- Runner system with our own make Mould & only Hot- Runner for other’s made Moulds. Offering hot runner accessories is used to avoid runners in moulds so that the production can be increased; this technique is used for the large quantity of products. Reduce Cycle time, increasing good Quality in product. High Thermal Conductivity nozzle is using for easy filling and get proper consistency in molding. OUR PRODUCT / SALES RANGE: FULLY AUTOMATIC HOT RUNNER SYSTEM (Useful for PET, PREFORM and BLOW MOULD & ALL TYPES OF INJECTION MOULDS) (a) HOT TIP NOZZLES (Single & Multi > Multi Hole TORPEDO & Single Hole NUT TYPE) (b) MANIFOLDS (Model: H, X, T & I) > FOR MULTI CAVITY MOULDS (c) HEATERS (Coil & Tubular) (d) SPACERS (e) HOT SPRU / SIGLE STRAIGHT SHOT NOZZLE (f) TEMPARATURE CONTROLLER (PID Soft start system) (g) THERMO COUPLE (J’ Type) (h) HOT PLATS Features: • Production guarantee for a complete system application • Spare parts and components are available • Standardized wearing parts on stock • high availability for abrasive and aggressive materials • Internal, externally or internally/externally heated and controlled single or multiple cavity nozzles • Heaters with the optimal heat transmission and linear or progressive heat profile • Standard nozzle available • International Standardization and Quality • Easy assembly and quality checking between hot runner system and mould • Applied to single / multi products molds • Small gate distances, small gate mark • Easy color-change. • Widely applied to all kinds of House hold / Engineering plastics and large products • Smooth gate mark(s). We offer best competitive price & after suppliers services, physically, & technically to the customer’s best satisfaction. Given opportunity we will serve you the best. • I hope we can help each other & we would like to expand our business with you. • If you click our web site, you will get more detail information • If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us Thanking you, Yours faithfully, libesh Engineering Works Please visit: URL Web: E-Mail :