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Lanson Biotech is looking forward to the technology transfer to enable commercialization of the following R&D.

1. Lanson Biotech has developed “ A Novel Synergistic Herbal Formulation For Diabetes – TRIGOMOAZA”, comprising extracts from selected Indian Medicinal herbs without using any external solvents to produce Hypoglycemic effect without causing Hypoglycemia.

* Proof of concept of Trigomoaza – Tests performed on animal models revealed that the herbal formulation has no side effects and the acute and sub acute Toxicology indicated it to be safe. The efficacy studies were carried out in Alloxan induced Diabetic Wistar rats. The study revealed that Trigomoaza was effective in reversing the Blood Sugar level to normalcy and were maintained.

Break through –

The regeneration of the pancreatic β Cells and insulin production and the resultant maintenance of the blood glucose level. The study data also indicate that herbal formulation does not induce Hypoglycemia in Non Diabetic Rats.

2. Lanson Biotech has developed “ A Novel Synergistic Herbal Formulation to control Mosquito, Insects and Pests. The Formulation can be used in coils, Agarbatis, Liquid Evaporator, Mats, Space Sprays and as Bio-larvicide’s for Mosquito control in the Public health sector for Preventing diseases like Chickunguniya, Dengu, Malaria etc,

Laboratory Studies have shown that the Eco-friendly Herbal formulation could be effectively used against Mosquitoes as alternative to Toxic Insecticides/ Pesticides