InVivo Biotech Services GmbH

Neuendorfstr. 24a
16761 Hennigsdorf bei Berlin

Phone: 03302 883 770
Fax: 03302 883 771


Invivo is focussed on the serum-free production of monoclonal antibodies from mg to gram scale. Furthermore Invivo offers the expression and purification of recombinant proteins from different mammalian cells as contract services.

Also material to be used for pre-clinical research can be provided. Highly purified proteins from animal cells, cultivated in defined animal-component-free media are produced in stirrred tank bioreactors. Dedicated downstream processing leads to endotoxin-free material for any kind of pre-clinical experiments.

Furthermore InVivo is able to optimise your mammalian cells to produce higher titers of your protein of interest. Culture media development as well as optimisation of fermentation conditions can be performed in parallel experiments.

Invivo is an ISO9001:2000 certified company.