Invensys Validation technologies

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Montreal, H4B 2M3, Québec
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Validation Technologies Inc. is a member of Invensys Systems PLC Inc.

Invensys Validation Technologies is focused on providing Validation and Pharmaceutical/Biotechnical Engineering to manufacturers and institutions in North America and Europe and Asia specifically:
 Biological,
 Biotech,
 Pharmaceutical.

Our Services include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Computer Controlled Systems Validation: PLCs, DCS, MRP II, ERP, MES, LIMS
– Thermal Validation of Controlled Temperature Units,
– Environmental Validation: Manufacturing Environments & Cleanrooms,
– Cleaning Validation,
– Decontamination & Sterilization Validation of all types,
– Process and Equipment Validation,
– Validation of Building Services: HVAC, Water Systems & Compressed Air.

Our activities span the entire Validation Process:
– Validation Consultancy and Remediation Plan – SWAT team,
– Functional Requirements & Purchase Specifications,
– Validation Master Plan & Risk Analysis,
– Protocols for Design (DQ),
– Installation (IQ), Operation (OQ),
& Performance Qualification (PQ),
– Execution of Protocols & Issuing of Final Report.

Our Pharmaceutical Engineering Services span the range of what is required for the specific project but include any or all of the following:
– Design and Functional Requirements Specifications,
– Process Design: P&IDs, Optimization
– Machine Specifications, Design and Automation,
– Islands of Automation: New Controllers, Retrofits, Networking, Integration,
– Vision Systems
– Project Management, as part of our own projects or as a stand-alone service.