540 Beverly Court – Suite 1
Tallahassee 32301- 2506
United States of America, Florida

Phone: 850-561-0604


INTELLIGENCE-NET OFFICE is a privately held company and was founded in 1997. It is an “information-based company” and it is run by an extremely productive team of highly talented specialists in operations management, biotechnology and business development.
As intelligence outsource provider, the products offered by INTELLIGENCE-NET OFFICE are represented essentially by information, filtered through an intelligence interpretation process (that includes: technology intelligence, competitor intelligence, business intelligence) and transferred very quickly to clients for critical and complex decisions. Our goal is to offer a product tailored exactly to the customer’s needs, anticipating his emerging problems and being there as a part of his business

In particular, we can offer:
(i) technical reports “ad hoc” prepared (or a targeted investigation) for the purpose of problem solving and decision making
(ii) a reconnaissance search or study (broad surveillance scouting).

Instead of saying who we are, we say what we do:
· Biotechnology consultation
· Business consultation & investigation
· Consultation on product development & commercialization
· Market research & analysis
· Reconnaissance search or study (broad surveillance scouting)
· Research and development of products / technologies
· Technical reports “ad hoc” prepared for the purpose of problem solving and decision making.