Immunometrics (UK) Ltd

Unit 8, The Quadrangle, Atalanta Street
London, SW6 6TU
United Kingdom

Phone: + 44 + (0) 20 7386 9455
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Immunometrics produces a range of high-quality, low-cost tube-based immunoassay kits. The tube-based kits require minimal instrumentation and are ideal for use in low to medium throughput laboratories, or those users looking to change from radioactive diagnostic systems.

Immunometrics also provides assay services and reagents for contraceptive steroids (LNG, MPA, NET and Ethinyl estradiol) and urinary estrone and pregnanediol glucuronides.

They also have a wide range of primary reagents and antibodies for immunoassay research and development.

The staff at Immunometrics have been working together in the fields of reproductive health, thyroid screening and infertility since the 1980s and the company itself evolved from a WHO sponsored center based in London.