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Immunitor USA Inc., (Company) was incorporated in February 2004 in Maryland, USA as licensee of Immunitor Corporation Co., Ltd. – the first private biotech company founded in Thailand in 2001. The Company has the exclusive rights to patents owned by Thai partner who has developed and currently manufactures four vaccines as means of preventing and/or treating viral (V1), bacterial (V2), and fungal (V4) infections; and cancer (V3). The licensed technology is unique since it enables to formulate any protein or vaccine (recombinant or from natural source) as an oral pill, which is easy to administer, has low manufacturing cost, stable, safe, and effective. No other technology exists that could compete with Immunitor’s breakthrough invention which will reshape the vaccine and therapeutic protein industry. Company’s private clinic and manufacturing plant are both based in Thailand. Immunitor has licensed oral H5N1 bird flu vaccine to MDM Group Inc., — publicly traded company. Company now works on V5 – hepatitis B and C oral therapeutic vaccine which has shown promising results in 20-patient pilot trial. The results of this trial will be published soon.