Huanggang Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

No.23 Yanhe Avenue, Sanlifan Town, Luotian County,

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Dear sir,

I am pleased to introduce our company–Huanggang Natural
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as the largest fine cyanidated
product manufacturer in Central China.

Our main product list is below:

Halogeno phenyl glycine series
1 DL-4-(2-Fluorophenyl)glycine
2 DL-4-(2-Chlorophenyl)glycine
3 DL-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)glycine
4 S-(+)-(o-Fluorophenyl)glycine
5 S-(+)-(o-Chlorophenyl)glycine

APIs and intermediates
1 N-(Hydrocu)phthalimde (NOP)
2 Rutoside
3 4-N-acetyl-amino-cyclohexanone
4 Pramipexole
5 Bicalutamide

Organic chemical products
1 Epichlorohydrin
2 Glyoxal
3 Glyoxylic acid

Custom-made products

Our company has large-scale polot plant, with 200L to 2000L reaction kettles.
We are good at the following reactions:
1. Halogenation substitution, halogenation addition , halogenation replacing
2. Cyanidtion addition, cyanidtion replacing
3. Diazotization
4. Condensation of ketone, nitrile and ester
5. Liquid-phase oxidation, gas-phase oxidation
6. Alcoholic aldehyde consendation, Claisen condensation
7. Chemical reduction, low-pressure hydrogenation reduction
8. Heterocyclic cyclic reaction
9. Hoffman rearrangement , hydroperoxide rearrangement

If you are interested in any of our products,please feel easy to conatct with me.
Hope we will have opportunity to cooperate with you.

Best regards,