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Herbal Extraction Group., Inc (HEGI) is a market-oriented and research-driven manufacturer and marketer of natural ingredients and health products.Our company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing botanical/herbal extracts, serving the worldwide manufacturers of health foods, functional beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, with a product line that is broad, ranging from tea and herbal extracts to essential oils, also our company focused upon developing, manufacturing, and marketing health products, including sexual dysfunction treatment, weight loss management, immune system enhancements and anti-aging treatments. Through its own initiatives that combine the latest advances in biotechnology and health with the most sophisticated traditional Chinese medical theory, as well as the establishment of strategic partnerships with renowned research institutions including universities, research laboratories, large pharmaceutical companies and health food manufacturers, our strategic plan has it on a path to become the market leader in China, as well as a major global player, in the natural products industry in the near future. Our Mission Herbal Extraction Group., Inc (HEGI) emphasizes the highest possible quality, sufficient quantity, competitive pricing, timely delivery and dependable and prompt customer services. Manufacturing Through strategic alliances, we utilizes 2 plants located in Hubei and Hunan Province. These plants have a total annual capacity of 200 metric tonnes of Powdered Extracts and 10 metric tonnes of essential oils. The plants provide the company with significant cost advantages over its competitors by specializing in the manufacturing of certain extracts from the crops which are close to the plants. Quality Control The plants are certified with ISO9001, cGMP, HACCP and Kosher. This guarantees that the quality of our products is stable and consistent. In addition, we are going to establish GAP bases in order to secure the supply and quality of our products. Customer Service At Herbal Extraction Group., Inc(HEGI), we have a professional sales & marketing team that provides our customers with effective service including inquiry handling, sample preparation, order processing, shipment and documentation. http://www.herbalpe.com/company-profile.html http://www.herbalpe.com/strategic-alliance.html