Hebei Jintong Corp Of Pharmacochemicals

49,Zhufeng Street,Hi-Tech Zone
Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province,050035

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Hebei Jintong Corp. of Pharmacochemicals is one of the leading specialized manufacturer of the intermediates about cephalosporin in China. The corp. has ISO9001:2000 registered, and acquired the Import /Export license. The products have been exported to Japan, Korea, India, Brasil, Europe etc.
The corp. will render best service to and sincere cooperation with all her customers both native and oversea.

■3-Mercapto-2-methyl-5-oxo-6-hydroxy-1,2,4-triazine (TTZ, OHMMT) CAS No.58909-39-0

■Ethyl 2-(2-aminothiazole-4-yl)-2-hydroxyiminoacetate (EHATA) CAS No.64485-82-1

■2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-yl)acetic acid (ATA) CAS No.29676-71-9

■Sodium 2-Ethyl hexanoate CAS No.19766-89-3

■Potassium 2-Ethyl hexanoate 3164-85-0

■2,4-Thiazolidinedione 2295-31-0

■ (Z)-2-(tert-Methoxycarbonyl Methoxyimino)-2-(2-Aminothiazol-4-yl)acetic aid (MICA) 80554-17-8

■(Z)-2-Amino-alpha-[(ter-butoxycarbonyl)-isopropoxyimino]-4-thiazoleacetic acid (ATTBA) 86299-47-0

■S-2-benzothiazoyl-(Z)-2-(ter-butoxycarbonyl-isopropoxyimino)-4-thiazoleacetate (TAEM) 89604-92- 2

■Ethyl 2-(2-Aminothiazole-4-yl)acetate (EATA) 53266-94-7

■4-Chloro-2-(Z)-Methoxycarbonyl Methoxyimino-3-oxobutyric acid (CMOBA) 84080-706

■S-2-Benzothiazolyl (Z)-2-(2-Aminothiazol-4-yl)-2-methoxycarbonylmethoxyiminothioacetate(MICA ESTER) 246035-38-1