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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of high quality active ingredients from plant extracts.We are located in Central India in an area rich with natural resources.
Some of our products that may be of interest are :
Colchicine USP/BP
Thiocolchicoside FP
Reserpine USP/BP
Ajmaline BP/JP
Calcium Sennoside BP/USP

Methoxsalen USP


Forskolin 95 %

Apart from these we have a wide range of standardised herbal extracts including :

Boswellia serrata extract 65%- 90 %
Gymnemma sylvestre extract 25% – 75%
Tribulus terrestris extract 20%- 40%
Coleus Forskholi extract 10 % ,20 %
Calcium sennoside 10 %,20 % ,60 %
Neem Dry Extract 25% Bitters
Triphala Dry Extract

Ashwagandha extract 1% – 5% Withanaloids

An extensive product list is avaliable on our website We would be glad to receive your interest in these or any other plant extracts/ actives which will receive our prompt attention.

Arjun Diwan
Head Business Development

The Gwalior Forest Products Ltd.
P.O Kathamill,Shivpuri M.P.-473551
Fax 91.7492.223992
Phone 91.7492.223994