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GenoSafe is a service company specialised in the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of biotherapeutic products (viral and non-viral vectors, vaccines, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, cellular products …). From product development through to market launch, we carry out in vitro and in vivo studies which meet your specific needs in strict compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer a true partnership in study design, assay development/validation, technology transfer, product testing and data analysis in following fields: * Molecular analysis, such as biodistribution studies of gene-based products in animal models * Immune responses characterization and evaluation / immunomonitoring * Quality control of gene therapy products for preclinical and clinical use * Phenotypic and genotypic stem cell characterization * Specific patient follow-up during clinical trial phases Our clients benefit from GenoSafe’s strong quality assurance policy. When required, studies are performed in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).