Geno-Type Biotechnology

194 Kifisias Avenue
Athens, GR-154 51

Phone: +30 2106754073


Geno-Type Biotechnology Group based in Athens – Greece provides Molecular Diagnostic & DNA services internationally.

The company consists of three divisions, Human Molecular Medicine, Veterinary Molecular Medicine & Agro-Genomics. The Human Molecular Medicine division is also involved in Molecular Medicine research & development. Geno-Type Biotechnology is pursuing highest quality standards as certified by international ISO 17025 accreditation.

Geno-Type Biotechnology employs medium to high throughput technology platforms that include:

Fluorescent capillary electrophoresis for high throughput DNA sequencing and genotyping.
Real-Time PCR for qualitative and quantitative DNA/RNA diagnostics.
xMap Microspheres for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analyses.
Microarray Spectral Karyotype for Molecular Cytogenetics
Transcription Mediated Amplification for qualitative &quantitative DNA/RNA diagnostics.