274 Kifisias Ave
Athens, 15232

Phone: +30 210 877 1501
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GENESIS Pharma S.A. was incorporated in 1997 in Athens, Greece, and has a strong presence in Greece and Cyprus. Foreseeing a long-term potential in biotechnology-derived pharmaceutical products, GENESIS Pharma was the first Greek pharmaceutical company to focus on in-licensing, marketing and distribution of specialised products emerging from biotechnology research.

In just a few years, GENESIS Pharma became, and retains, its leadership in the marketing and distribution of biopharmaceutical products in Greece and Cyprus, with a leading portfolio of products in the areas of the Central Nervous System, Genetic Disorders, Haematology, Nephrology, Oncology and Rheumatology. GENESIS Pharma achieved exclusive distribution agreements with some of the foremost developers of cellular and molecular technology, such as AMGEN, BIOGEN, GELGENE, etc.

GENESIS Pharma S.A. is interested in conducting new partnerships with Biotech companies in the therapeutic areas of expertise and beyond.