Im Gewerbepark B 35
Regensburg, 93059

Phone: +4994194276-0
Fax: +4994194276-711
Stock symbol: A0JJ4L


GENEART has developed into the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic genes ever since entering the market in the year 2000. Today, GENEART AG is one of the foremost global specialists in the area of synthetic biology. The company contributes the key technologies necessary to develop and produce new therapeutics and vaccines. Furthermore GENEART customers rely on the company to improve enzymes, such as the ones used as additives in detergents, and to construct genetically altered bacteria, which produce complex biopolymers or degrade polymers, such as plastic or petroleum for example. Our production and service spectrum spans a wide range, from gene synthesis according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, to the creation of gene libraries in the combinatorial biology, to the development and production of DNA-based biologically active substances. GENEART in Regensburg (Germany) with its subsidiaries in Toronto (Canada) and San Francisco (USA) employ more than 190 people. Since May 2006, GENEART is listed on the German Stock Exchange.