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Kfar Hanagid
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Tools for Molecular bio research
Manufacturer of Electrophoresis unit GeBaRunner AND horizontal polyacrylamide pre cast gel GeBaGeL for separation of Protein, Peptides, DNA

Manufacturer of GeBAflex-tube
Dialysis range 10microliter to 20ml

Single & High throughput Electro elution tool using horizontal electrophorese unit. 1 -100 samples in one e.elution cycle
Electro elution protein recovery 70%+
Electro elution Oligo & Dna recovery range 15nt to 400k bp 95% recovery.
Electro elution Rna intact, uncontaminated& Nucleic acid +85% recovery.

Protein concentration kit ProteoCon fo native and denatured protein.

SDS remover buffer WBD2

Staining solution for protein in gel:
for gel extraction SB010, staining is removed after visualization.
for analytical SB020 application.

SB040 Protein staining for visualzing protein transfere for Western blott applications.